Companies who seek specialized knowledge, skillsets, or resources their employees do not have or do not want to finance permanently; hire consultants. Often, companies do not know where to find qualified, legitimate consultants. Their first choice is to use large consultant firms (LCF) that everyone else uses. These firms are similar to “big box” stores and have either national, continental, or global offices. LCF’s are only a fit for a certain type of customer. In reality, they are not the right choice for everyone. Here are a few following reasons:

  1. LCF’s can literally be larger than your own company.

Observed in corporate environments where companies hire only large consulting firms. Their strategy is to be able to “flex on them” because they have clout and the LCF will concede. Even if the demands are outlandish. Only to find out that the LCF has over 100,000 consultants worldwide. The client is now the smaller entity and the strategy may backfire.

  1. LCF’s have specific “playbooks” to attack certain situations and are not as agile.

When working alongside a LCF, have noticed their employees regardless of the client’s issue go into XYZ playbook mode. This is their first option to try to resolve their client’s problems. This approach is wrong. As an engineer the playbook/process topic is understood, but may be not the correct choice for every situation.

Moreover; clients are at times utilizing a LCF employee who is no different from any other corporate employee. The worker could be stuck within the confines of the LCF’s procedures delaying the project from progressing forward.

  1. If LCF does not have expertise from their pool of resources, will rely on smaller consultants for inputs.

LCF’s contract with an outside service to get other consultants opinions on topics discretely usually at a lower rate then they’re getting paid by their client to make them look like they know what they are doing. In some instances, the LCF will directly hire an independent or smaller consultant firm to pose as their internal expert.

  1. Hiring a LCF may provide the optics that your company is not concerned with the local and regional community which is bad business.

Most large companies started from one or few individual’s ideas (e.g. Carhartt, BlueRibbon Sports/Nike, Oakley, etc.) and grow into larger businesses due to community support and efforts . All of these companies have a local/regional relationship and involvement with their communities. Alienating your company by only using LCF’s from outside the area can have negative perception and financial consequences.

Companies need to consider small businesses and consulting firms such as Pack Protocols LLC and others for projects instead of defaulting to a LCF. Micro-businesses are the foundation of most of the world’s economies! Without these small companies, municipalities as well as other companies will be negatively impacted.

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