This Packaging Busts article touches on an unnoticed topic: security. Packaging Professionals are eager to tackle a challenge and come up with great packaging for a product. At times companies can be laser-focused on package security, producing a great piece. However; when it gets to the customer it becomes marginal due to their internal security requirements.

Pack Protocols observed a similar instance and thought if would be beneficial to point out pinch points to a relative good design.

Sound amplification devices can be purchased from multiple retailers. The device’s price point are retailing between $100-$200 USD. These devices like any products are susceptible to theft. Generally, retailers will secure items internally exceeding a certain price point. This where the packaging design and security features are important.

At first look below, the packaging looks fit. The packaging is compromised of the product being placed into thermoforms/blisters; heat sealed and trapped between die-cut paperboard.

From a security perspective, the product is tamper-evident and has an increased level of difficulty to open. This pack may be shipped like this when ordering through an e-commerce channel without any challenges. Do not forget products are sold in many different formats. When this product was noticed in a retail customer’s setting; an extra layer of security was added. Adding a wire alarm to prevent theft was a customer security requirement.

A small alteration can impact the pack instantly. Notice how the once smooth lines of paperboard are now impacted by wires. The pack has now gone from good condition to fair/poor. The alarm mechanism covers the majority of the product view, preventing the potential buyer to see the complete packaged product.

Another observation is the use of the anti-theft device. It is applied incorrectly by going through the hang tab.

This type of anti-theft device should have not be used for this product due to the shape of pack. The pack has limited contact points making it extremely easy to remove the anti-theft device. On retail shelf, the majority of these products had the same issues. Making the product look like an eye sore.

One additional note: These products were suppose to be hung on a hanger or possibly stand on the rear thermoform/blister. It was noticed most of these products were not standing.

It is important to factor all the security elements/requirements that may come into play when developing and designing packaging for clients.

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