Pack Protocols LLC wanted to get into the Halloween “spirit” by providing a few tricks or treats to improve your packaging. Hope these help stave off the evil Packaging Ghosts:

  • Provide generous time for design and development for custom packaging. Even utilizing “stock” packaging can cause challenges. Ensure packaging is already available and in stock with multiple vendors.
  • Know your packaging requirements for the project and product before handing it off to packaging professionals. If you don’t know the details, hire a professional who does, it will save financial and labor resources.
  • Be prudent of your long term packaging goals. Short term wins may feel good, but most are unsustainable. Packaging is almost always composed of multiple components and improvements are incremental. Be patient!
  • Always be open to new ideas, alternatives, and innovations including packaging and actually try them. This provides the groundwork for any successful individual, employee, or company. It also stimulates learning and possible growth which is irreplaceable.
  • Don’t be a “vampire” and try to suck all the “blood” out of packaging. Meaning; treat your employees and vendors appropriately and fairly.

Happy Halloween! Hope these tips and tricks improve your packaging processes and systems. If you need further packaging tips or assistance, feel free to contact at +1 657-204-6093 or [email protected]