A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a 8 count screwdriver set with a special cleaning kit from an e-commerce store. Nothing was suspect to the packaging until opening the bubble-padded envelope. Inside, was a wad of “bubble wrap” where the tape could not be removed. Scissors were used to cut the tape. Searching around the bubble wrap, it was difficult to to pull out a few of the tools.

Screwdriver buried in bubble wrap

The bubble wrap was so enormous a couple of the screwdrivers and the special cleaning kit could not be found. Was about to contact the vendor for a refund. I opted to deconstruct the wad of bubble wrap layer by layer. After going through the entire portion of the bubble wrap; was able to find the remaining “lost” components stuck to the packaging. Each screwdriver pulled out was in a plastic poly-bag as well.

Screwdriver in polybag

Wrap rage” was no longer a marketing term, it became reality. This outcome would not have happened if the company worked with Pack Protocols LLC because we would of suggested a better e-commerce packaging solution presenting the product to the customer logically, while still protecting it from the rigors of the distribution environment!

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